Nobody is born a Christian. Every starts at the same point, they must examine the claims of Christ for themselves and determine how they will respond. This class presents the basic tenants of Christianity and the claims of Christ in an open dialogue format. This class is open to everyone, even skeptics!
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Church membership isn't about adding your name to a roll, gaining special access or privileges, or making commitments out of guilt or obligation. We believe church membership allows us to be spiritually accountable to one another and to engage in Biblical, Christ centered community through service, study and spiritual growth.
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Baptism is much more that just getting wet. It is an outward expression of an inward transformation that has happened in our lives when we surrender to Christ. This class helps us to understand what baptism is and what it is not, who should be baptized and when should we be baptized. Questions welcome.
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We have a firm belief that every follow of Christ is a leader. Each of us has been given unique gifts by God to be used in service to our church, our community, our city and our world. This class is a prerequisite for teaching and ministry ownership positions and is only open to those that have signed the membership covenant.
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