Provides Community and Care - We believe a church should be a place where people can connect with others to do life together. While community and care will be offered to all who regularly attend, New City Church will work to ensure that all members have access to Biblical community and pastoral care.

Provides Discipleship and Development - We believe a church should be a place where people encounter Christ and are encouraged to grow in their faith. While discipleship and development opportunities will be offered to all who regularly attend, New City Church will work to ensure that all members are actively growing in their faith.

Provides Ownership and Accountability - We believe a church should be a place where people are actively engaged in ministry within Biblical guidelines. While those who regularly attend can use their gifts to enhance ministry, New City Church will encourage all members to take an active ownership and leadership role within the church ministry framework.





New City Church is a Christian church focused on sharing the GRACE and PEACE of Jesus Christ. We exist to transform culture through transformed lives and accomplish this by equipping Christ followers to live as new creations.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. - 2 Corinthians 5:17


Expressions of Grace - We want to be a place where people are equipped and encouraged to express tangible forms of grace, love and compassion to everyone with no strings attached.

Authentic Relationships - We want to be a place where people at all spiritual levels can connect with others through authentic relationships in a Christ centered community.

Development of Faith - We want to be a place that creates an environment of personal spiritual ownership where people develop the tools to grow in their journey of faith with Christ.


Pastoral Leadership - The Pastoral and Ministerial team of New City Church work to create and oversee environments, structures and systems that accomplish the vision, mission and core. Key Responsibilities: Personnel Managment and Budget Implementation

Elder Accountability - The Elder team of New City Church provide spiritual and Biblical accountability over all teaching, theological positions, programs, and ministry plans. Key Responsibilities: Pastoral Appointment and Financial Accountability

Congregational  Ownership - The Membership of New City Church use their gifts as the body of Christ to provide ownership of ministry endeavors that accomplish the vision, mission and values. Key Responsibilities: Elder Selection and Budget Approval




Experience God’s GRACE - A member of New City Church has experienced the life changing grace of Jesus Christ by turning from their sin and self and trusting Christ as Savior and Lord. They have expressed this to others through verbal testimony and following Christ in baptism by immersion after the salvation experience.

Embark on Spiritual GROWTH - A member of New City Church is committed to seeing spiritual growth take place in their life. They embrace the spiritual disciplines of prayer, personal Bible Study, and corporate worship. Members are also committed to developing the six key spiritual connections of the relationship matrix.

Engage in Community GROUPS - A member of New City Church makes regular connections with other believers through consistent Bible study, prayer and fellowship a high priority. Members understand that the primary source of pastoral care and personal discipleship will happen within community small groups.

Exercise your spiritual GIFTS - A member of New City Church willingly uses their God given spiritual gifts to add to and edify the body of Christ. Members work to discover, develop and deploy their gifts, talents and natural abilities in such a way as to elevate unity, humility and integrity to make Christ known to all.

Express personal, financial GENEROSITY - A member of New City Church embraces the Biblical model of giving by using their personal resources and financial assets to invest in the work of the local church through regular giving. Members also look for personal opportunities to be an expression of grace to those in need.




Membership Class Handout (Click to download)

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New City Church is partnered with the North American Mission Board and part of the Send Network that is working to plant new churches in major urban areas.